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Yogi of the Month - August

Thank you Kelli for trusting us and sharing your wisdom and light in our studio. I always appreciate your optimistic outlook and positive energy you share with others! ~Beth

Read more about Kelli's story:

How long have you been doing yoga (what's your yoga journey)?

I started doing yoga when I was 21 years old and have been doing it on and off since I fell in love with yoga in my first class. I was so intimidated to start doing yoga back then (I didn't know how to do it and was scared to go in and look silly- I'd never even seen anyone do it!), however, my first teachers were so supportive of new students and super encouraging! I have practiced yoga at many studios in the last 20 years and have loved being able to meet other yogis and find a sense of calm while doing the practice. During COVID, I was depressed at not being able to attend classes in person, and am very grateful that we can meet in person once again.

What is your favorite class & why? 

I love yin or restorative yoga classes now. I used to like flow classes, but I have had a few knee and foot injuries in the last few years, and restorative is much easier on my body during recovery.

What is your favorite yoga pose?

I really like child's pose! The first time I ever did it, I thought it was too easy! :) It is such a restful pose. I also love Savasana no matter when or where. A time during yoga that is lying down and breathing? Yes, please!

What keeps you coming back to yoga?

I like low-impact exercise and I love how much flexibility I have because I have been doing yoga for so long. I like that no matter which studio or classes I attend, I always feel better after I practice.

What would you tell someone who is considering trying yoga?

Try it! You'll never know if it will become your new favorite thing. It is such a great community.

Share some of your hobbies, your favorite things to do, or something unique about you.

My partner and I like to travel and we are big Brewers fans (so we head to Milwaukee a few times during baseball season)! In the summer, I like to be outside and got a puppy last year that we walk (a lot!) and take to the dog park. I also like to read and write (especially when it's cold). Something unique about me is that I am originally from Iowa, moved to Wisconsin more than 10 years ago, and I can't have cheese curds (Wisconsin's food du jour). But I enjoy lots of other delicious WI food!

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