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September Newsletter

In our house, September 1st we can start officially celebrating Fall! It’s our favorite time of year for all things fall! But first, August was on 🔥 as we had a blast at several community events and are so appreciative of every opportunity that we are given the opportunity to share health and wellness with others.

We have several new faces to our newsletter from these events, so welcome all of you! We are so happy to have you and we hope you find nuggets of encouragement and education in these monthly newsletters. This month we will share a little about us along with what is happening around the studio this month. Never hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or to come join us for classes or talk more about our wholistic approach to health and wellness from the inside and out!

🙏💖 ~Beth & Drew


Meet Beth & Drew! Typically you’ll see me (Beth) at the yoga studio but Drew is just as important in this adventure that we are blessed with every day. Not only do we own a yoga studio but in our professional careers we are also:

Owners of a Brand Marketing Company

Promotors of an Asphalt Truck Racing Series

Health and Wellness Advocates

Not to mention, our family, friends, love for travel, and our faith! You can say we wear a lot of hats and enjoy the challenges and joys of life especially entrepreneurship. I am is originally from Madison and moved here to be with my husband Drew. Quickly after moving here, the opportunity to open a studio was presented to us and we jump in with tons of excitement!

The mission of our studio is to be a place that provides a community of connection through Healthy Living from the inside and out. Healthy Living is about serving and seeing our minds, bodies, and spirits as a “whole” being. It includes having a consistent physical practice of yoga and fitness, a spiritual practice whatever that may mean for you, and a mindfulness practice (breath, food, stillness, etc.).

The world is becoming more aware of the importance of gut health along with mindfulness of the toxins that our bodies are bombarded with daily. As a Health and Wellness advocate, our goal is to offer education, accountability, and products to support our bodies to feel better, stronger, and in control of being the best scientist for our body. After years of battling constant gut issues (I’ll spare the details for you all!), I’m determined to share that knowledge and information with others so you too can can know what life is like without feeling sick and tired!

We hope that you enjoy this space created just for you no matter where you are at in your journey of life. I feel deeply called to not only share yoga and fitness with others but to encourage us to be “whole” just as we were created.


Today beings our fall session schedule. Be sure to check out all the class offerings online or in the ZenPlanner mobile app.

There is only ONE Beer & Yoga event left with our friends at BEER SHOP in Sparta. Don’t miss out on celebrating your summer with us this weekend, Saturday, September 9th. Find more on our Facebook event.

We are partnering with the John Bosshard Memorial Library in Bangor to offer Free yoga classes on the library lawn. Please bring a mat or towel to practice on and we will move indoors if weather is not suitable for outdoors. Register online:


We are on a mission to help others feel better through stronger gut health, balanced blood sugar, decreased inflammation, education, support, mindfulness around food, and an amazing COMMUNITY!!!

Today, Drew and I kicked off our 2 week Gut Reset with over 120 others from all over the nation! Y’all who doesn’t want to feel better these days!! So many times we hear that getting older just means stiff joint, less energy, weight gain, etc. WHY!?! It doesn’t have to be that nor should that be the standard and you have control to change that in YOUR LIFE!

If you are looking for a community that will cheer you on, help you plan and succeed, and begin to feel better along the way, I can’t wait to get you connected! Gut Health is thrown around today and it can become confusing but what you need to know is that your gut influences and impacts so much in your body from moods, to cravings, to hormones, to digestion, to energy, to skin, and MORE! If you are at the point in your life where you don’t want to tolerate something anymore, it’s time to change! It’s not too late! Change starts when we are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and your gut health is a major key to this change!

We have three dates coming up that you can learn all about our next Gut Reset and other ways to support your gut and immune system! Reply to me to attend any of these sessions and if you bring a friend or spouse to join you (because accountability is always key), you will receive a prize! If you can’t attend and still want information, reach out and we will connect together!

Wednesday, September 13 at 8:00 pm - Online via Zoom

Sunday, September 17 at 4:00 pm - Healthy Happy Hour in Bangor

Friday, September 22 at 4:30 pm - Healthy Happy Hour in Bangor

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