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Be Still Yoga Mission


Our mission is to create and share an environment for students to serve and see oneself and serve and see others through our whole living philosophy of Connection, Movement, Mindfulness.

Yoga is a practice for all individuals and we meet you where your physical, emotional, or spiritual journeys are currently. We believe that teaching and practicing yoga extends beyond our mats and studio walls into the community and our daily lives. This space was created to ensure all are welcomed and have access to yoga so please contact us with any questions.



My Journey:

My healthy living journey has been an interesting ride starting in my high school and early college years where I played several sports with basketball being my main focus. Although as competitive sports became less my interest, I found a passion and energy in teaching fitness classes at my local YMCA. I felt incredibly unqualified but knew there was something greater in this calling. I went on to teach a variety of group fitness classes including strength training, boot camp, cycling, and personal training/coaching for individuals and groups. I'd love to say the rest is history, although after several injuries and surgeries, I decided to step away from the health and wellness world for several years and head into corporate world to put my Bachelors degree to use. 

During my time away from teaching and training, I realized there was still a fire in me to empower and encourage others on their journey. I found yoga during this time as a way to reconnect and appreciate my body more than just to get a physical workout. This revelation prompted me to complete my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification in January 2020 and later my 500-Hour Masters Training through YogaFaith in July 2023. 

Beyond the physical aspect of healthy living, there is the important part of fueling our bodies with foods that give us energy and help us live healthy from inside out! This was and still can be difficult for me as the physical aspect comes so easy and I lose focus on paying attention to what was happening on the inside of my body. This is where I decided to invest in finding healthy products that support my gut, brain, and overall health and continue to learn so I can share with others who may be experiencing fatigue, gut issues, or overall wanting to look and feel healthy! I am dedicated to helping others in this journey so they can become the very best scientist of their own body through eating whole foods and clean products!

My Promise:

I believe I have been created to help serve, encourage, empower, and equip all generations to fulfill their God given purpose and gifts through health and wellness. This journey has brought me lifelong friendships of all ages, all around the world and changed my life perspective and purpose, and I want to share that with you! I promise to walk alongside you and support your journey right where you are at today.

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