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Winding Roads - How is Your Journey Going?

Living near the Bluffs of La Crosse, WI, we have many opportunities to drive through them. As we drive through them I tend to be in awe over the beauty and also the way the roads are built as they twist and turn. The roads are winding with sharp turns, big up hill climbs, and occasionally an open straight road through the countryside. Usually there are signs along the way to show us what was ahead, although sometimes it wasn’t as clear what was around the next bend. Navigating our goals and visions can be like the journey of a winding road.

Winding roads are hard to see ahead of what the future holds. The general direction seems clear although there is uncertainty in how to get to the end of the winding road – your vision. These twisty journeys may also take longer than expected. We may want to rush just to get to the end, missing the scenery on the ride. Be willing to practice patience.

The vehicle and driver are important to navigate these roads. Driving through the mountains in a car without 4-wheel drive and a brand-new driver, probably isn’t the best decision. The same for your journey – vehicles help move processes toward your vision; drivers have the skills, attitudes, and experiences to execute. Depending on the road, your vehicles and drivers may need to be adjusted. Be willing to adapt to change.

Lastly, you wouldn’t cross into the opposite lane on this type of road and risk crashing into someone, would you? Staying in our lanes helps us maintain focus and clarity, which avoids confusion or distraction to reach our end goal. Be willing to keep in your lane.

Think about a specific journey for you - maybe it’s a goal you had for 2022. Consider the following:

  • Is your vision or goal clear? Have you shared it with those close to you (spouse, family, friend, etc.)? Are they on-board with sharing and supporting you on this journey?

  • What skills, attitudes, and experiences do you have or need to obtain this goal? Do you need to find resources or other people with appropriate skills to support you?

  • Are the expectations clear to avoid the distraction of changing lanes? Are you drifting lanes, why? How can you steer back to your vision and direction?

Journeys can be long and hard. They will test our patience and we will want to give up. We will blame people or conditions. We will want to change paths. We encourage you to keep going, even in the thick of it. On the winding roads, the trees, sun patterns, flowers, and views are breathtaking and beautiful if you take a moment to notice them!

You were meant to be on this path so take a breath to enjoy the views and for the opportunity to learn and grow. You are supported and love by us and many others! Enjoy the journey…and maybe share little bits about this experience so we can celebrate with you!

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