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Summer Challenge

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Dates: May 30 to August 31, 2023

Eligibility: Open to everyone.

Cost: Based on student membership at Be Still Yoga:

  • Summer Membership - FREE 

  • Monthly or Class Pass Membership - $10 

  • No Membership but still want to participate - $20

Click link below to email us ( and register for the challenge.

At the end of the challenge, we will have a Celebration class and all participants will receive a prize. More details to come.

We are so excited to kick off our first Summer Challenge. If you are looking to commit or re-commit to yourself this summer, this challenge will help you stay accountable, focused, and have fun! 

This summer challenge is focused on the three pillars of our studio - Connection, Movement, and Mindfulness and is a personal commitment and inquiry for you. Within each of these pillars, you will have a weekly goal to focus on. A few goals are pre-set for you and you also get to create your own goals. Along with your three weekly goals, we will release a specific weekly challenge related to these three pillars. The weekly challenge will change to allow you to stay motivated and accountable, try new things, not get overly stressed if you have a busy week and don't do the challenge, or to even consider continuing any of these weekly challenges. Take the time to check-in with yourself each week and choose things that energize and nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Each participant will receive a journal to track your progress, write reflections, and be a resource on days when life gets crazy and busy! When we write things down, we become accountable to them and our mind is aware of the importance and priority of this written goals. At the beginning and end of each week, you will complete one of the weekly journal pages to plan your week and reflect on the week.

There is not an end to this challenge as we hope you build habits that will continue far beyond. We will conclude the weekly challenges on August 31st, but we truly hope you keep going with the weekly goals and journaling (and we'll even give you more journal books to do so). Think of each week like a mini-milestone on our journey and of course we will celebrate at the end of the challenge but as a milestone not the finish line. Because without a finish line, we never start over; we continue to build and grow and learn.

Are you? Let's have the best summer together!

Be Still Yoga's three studio pillars that this challenge is structured around are: Connection, Movement, and Mindfulness

Connection - By definition, connection is something that joins two or more things, or the act of connecting two or more things or the state of being connect, or lastly a situation in which two or more things have the same cause, goal, origin, etc. Connection is a fundamental human need we all share. In this challenge, you get to set one goal/habit/routine that provides connection for ourself. This might be focusing on connection with health (eating, exercise, etc.), community involvement (volunteer, schools, etc.), family, personal or professional goals, etc.

Movement - We all need to move our bodies daily. This helps our physical,, mental, and emotional health by managing stress, improves brain health, increasing longevity, reduce risk of disease, and overall keeps us healthy!! In this challenge, we have a goal of 15 minutes of daily movement. You may also set a yoga/fitness class goal for yourself to keep accountable throughout the summer (number of classes per week or per month, etc.).

Mindfulness - Mindfulness is the human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and maintain a nonjudgmental state without being reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. In this challenge, we have a goal of 5 minutes each day to pause and intentionally breathe. You may also set a personal mindfulness goal to practice meditation, stillness, or pranayama breathwork.

Curious about styles of classes, take a peek at our class descriptions and find our schedule here.

We provide yoga mats and all props necessary for any class. 

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