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Looking for a new yoga mat? yoga props? essential oils? jewelry? or maybe a new tank?!
We have many options in our retail shop just for you. 

Manduka Products:

We are proud to be a Manduka studio which means we believe in their products, values, and company. We exclusively use their ProLite studio mats for students to use during their practice and appreciate their intentionality into all of their product designs. We understand it can take some time getting use to new or different mats, so take some time to learn about what makes Manduka mats so wonderful!

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doTERRA Essential Oil Products:
Since 2016, we have been using doTERRA essentially oils all throughout our homes and daily routines. From diffusing for aromatically pleasing scents to internally digesting to support our immune and digestive health, these products have become a stable to our lives. We will use essential oils in our studio in many forms such as diffusing, inhaling during certain poses, rubbing on feet/neck, and adding to warm towels for savasana. If you are uncomfortable with oils during your practice or have a medical condition, please let the instructor know prior to class. 

To help give you a place to start, we will have a couple of the common oils for sale in our studio. Please be sure to ask us about other oils or any questions you may have and we'd be glad to discuss more with you.  

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