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Common Yoga Questions

We want you to feel prepared and know what to expect when beginning your yoga journey and attending classes at our studio. We hope you find this section helpful and do not feel afraid to contact us with specific questions. Yoga is a journey and practice so as you progress on this lifestyle, you will learn it is more than just being flexible or having a certain body type. Instead yoga accepts us as we are today and educates us on the unity to oneself. Come see yourself just as your body does!


Gentle yoga is a great beginner class. This class is perfect for any age, shape, or size to experience the many benefits of yoga. Gentle yoga is also ideal for students needing to move more slowly.

Yin Yoga is also a good class to start with. Since this class is held entirely on the mat, there is less focus on the flow movements. Although this class tends to be difficult for many as we hold poses longer and stillness can be challenging. Don't let that scare you, yin yoga is very restorative, and you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Please try to show up 5-10 minutes before class starts. This allows time to find parking, checking in, a studio tour, discuss any information necessary to support your practice, and ensure you are comfortable without being rushed. On-site and street parking is available and shared with other businesses so please do not park between posts under the blue awning and allow ample time to find parking. 

If you have any issues finding the studio, or are running late, please text us at 608-401-7007. Studio doors will be closed and locked 5 minutes after the start of class.


Take a look at the types of classes offered, then head over to the schedule to find a class to fit your availability. Select the class and you will be prompted to provide payment or sign in to use a membership or class pass. You may also download our app once you've created an account. Find the app for your phone below and sign in with your username and password. If you have any questions, message us and we will be sure to get you registered with no hassles!

Apple App   |   Android App

I'M NOT _______, CAN I DO YOGA?

Flexible? Fit? Strong? Young? Fill in the blank...they are all myths.

Come just as you are = Yoga is for ALL!

The joy of yoga is it is adaptable to meet you where you are and expand from there. Let's be real, what we see on social media is not the general population so no need to try to be like them! Yoga is a practice for the mind and body and with a consistent practice, we can become strong, have more energy, see more flexibility and mobility, and let go tension and expectations. Be open to this new possibility and show up for your mind and body by honoring where you are today!


Absolutely! If you are looking for one-on-one or small group focused training, we can provide that support. Private sessions are great for returning to activity from injury, beginning yoga, or to deepen and advance your practice. The solo attention can help guide you to understand your body's movements and feel more confident and stronger in your practice. 

Private group classes are also available for a special occasion and can include up to 10 individuals for a flat fee. 

Message us (email/text/call) to schedule a consultation to discuss more!


We provide everything you may need to begin your yoga practice - yoga mats, blocks, straps, bolsters. Although we strongly recommend that you consider investing in a personal yoga mat as you will notice how your practice grows and changes with your own mat. We provide yoga mats (and other yoga gear) for sale in the studio and can help you decide the best mat for your practice. A hand towel or mat towel might be a good idea if you tend to get sweaty. Lastly, please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during class.


We want our studio space to be inviting and welcoming for all as a place to connect with oneself and with others. As you enter the studio, please remove your shoes in the designated area. There are restrooms available that are shared with Charged Bangor space. We kindly ask that you silence cell phones when arriving to avoid distraction during class. If you need to be "on-call" please let the instructor know the situation. Lastly, this studio space is for all in our community to be a sacred and safe environment, please kindly respect the journeys that we are all adventuring on together. 


Wear clothing that is comfortable and allows movement in the body. Some prefer shorts or yoga pants, while others prefer looser pants. Tank tops or t-shirts are most commonly designed for yoga. Also prepare to be barefoot most times. During our yin practice, you may wish to keep socks on if your feet tend to be cold. 


High school age students can attend yoga classes with a parent/guardian waiver release and introduction tour to the studio. This tour will allow the student, parent/guardian, and teacher/owner to meet to discuss policies, guidelines, and answer any questions prior to practicing yoga.  We understand there are children younger than high school (approx. age 14 or younger) that are currently practicing yoga and may like to attend at times with their parent. These situations will be discussed with the parent and teacher on an individual basis. 


Spending cash for you! Be Still Bucks can be redeemed in studio for retail items, class passes, memberships, workshops, etc. Essentially anything in our studio, these are valued just as cash. They can't be redeemed online, so contact our studio to use them towards any item or bring them to the studio to redeem. 

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