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Year End Challenge

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We are so excited to kick off our first Year End Challenge. If you are looking to end your year strong and move into 2023 with your fitness and health goals on track, then let's do this together!

Don’t wait for your new year’s resolution! There is no better time than now for you to renew or begin your fitness and yoga practice, or to try something new and stretch yourself, physically and mentally. Be Still Yoga Year End Challenge will give you the chance to experience more, learn more, and grow more mentally and physically. Whether you’re looking to improve your practice, start your journey, or try something new, now’s the time to commit! We believe in you and this community will support you through it all!

Learn all about the Year End Challenge below or email us with any questions!

Dates: November 7 to December 31, 2022

Eligibility: To participate, students need to have an active membership (class passes or monthly unlimited classes). Contact us to purchase one or with additional questions.

Bingo Card Prizes

There are 3 tiers of prize packages that you may be entered into based on your participation and completed challenges. A winner from each category below will be chosen randomly on January 4th. Prizes to be announced!

 1. Straight Bingo (5 in a row either vertical, horizontal or diagonal) – One Winner will receive terrastone diffuser, bracelet, and essential oil.

2. X, T, L or Cross (spaces in X, T, L or Cross covered) – One Winner will receive a Foldover clutch, mug, pamper kit, bracelet, and essential oil.

3. Blackout (every space covered) – One Winner will receive Manduka Pro-lite yoga mat, yoga mat carrier, yoga strap, Bracelet, and essential oil.


Sign up for Monthly Unlimited Auto Renew Membership by January 4th and you’re automatically entered in all three prize categories!


  1. Pick up your bingo card in studio and write your name on it. Then hang it on our window wall or take it with you (if you leave it in studio, take a picture so you can see what you’ve accomplished).

  2. Start marking off your squares by choosing a challenge and completing it.

    • If you’d like to document your challenge journey by posting a photo or a written reflection on social media, be sure to tag or mention Be Still Yoga in your Facebook or Instagram post (PS – this counts as one of your challenge squares too!). To mention us in your post, type the “@” sign followed by typing Be Still Yoga WI on Facebook or Instagram (no space after the @ sign). Help us promote by using hashtags #bestillyogachallenge #yogabingo #bestillyogabangor

  3. BINGO Cards will be available at the studio on Monday, November 7th. Your card is your responsibility to mark.

  4. One square per day.

  5. Cards will be taken from studio for verification on January 4th. Be sure to return your card to be entered into drawings.

  6. All classes must be taken at Be Still Yoga Studio.

  7. One prize per person.

  8. Prizes have no cash value.

  9. For question, please contact us at

Curious about styles of classes, take a peek at our class descriptions and find our schedule here.

We provide yoga mats and all props necessary for any class. 

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