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Yogi of the Month - May

Congratulations Gerlyn as our Yogi of the Month! Watching you continue to challenge yourself and work to improve both physically and mentally is inspiring! You have a beautiful and kind heart that welcomes all who join us for class, and I thank you for being part of our studio family! ~Beth

Read more about Gerlyn's journey below:

How long have you been doing yoga (what's your yoga journey)?

I was first introduced to yoga 8-10 years ago when I took a class at a quilting retreat. I was an avid exerciser at the time, and I enjoyed how yoga challenged my body in a different way than the exercises I typically did. A few years later, I developed a serious illness and during my recovery a good friend, who is a yoga instructor, gave me a series of floor yoga poses to use to stretch my muscles and maintain some of my core strength. I appreciated having exercises that were tailored to my physical abilities at the time that also helped to keep my body strong.

What is your favorite class and favorite yoga pose?

I joined Be Still Yoga in January and have really enjoyed learning more challenging poses as well as the mindfulness and peace of my yoga practice. My favorite class is Gentle Yoga because the pace of the class allows me the time to work on my body position in the different poses while also focusing on my breathing. My favorite poses are Warrior 1 and 2 with their variations. Someday, I hope to also like Warrior 3!

What keeps you coming back to yoga?

I keep coming back to yoga because it is helping to build endurance and a self-compassionate mindset that I see carrying over into the rest of my day.

What would you tell someone who is considering trying yoga?

To someone considering trying yoga, I would say that it is important to approach it with patience and to realize that yoga can feel awkward and unfamiliar in the beginning. However, if you stick with it, you will be so impressed by how much better your body feels!

Share some of your hobbies or your favorite things to do.

When I am not at the Yoga studio, I can frequently be found at Dragonfly Retreat, two doors up the street, working on my quilting. I also enjoy spending time with my husband and daughters, gardening, exploring Pinterest, and reading.

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