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Yogi of the Month - March

Congratulations Lindsay as our Yogi of the Month! You bring amazing energy and humor to our studio; always offering kind words and inspirations to those around you! Thank you for joining us on your yoga journey!! ~Beth

Read more about Lindsay's Yoga Journey below:

Tell us a little about your yoga journey, favorite class, and favorite pose.

I have been doing yoga for 10 years plus. My favorite class is the vinyasa flow class because it adds in cardio and stretching, and it challenges me. My favorite yoga pose would have to be the tree pose.

What keeps you coming back to yoga?

I love all the different variations of it and the meaning to me is stand tall wherever you are and keep growing.

What would you tell someone who is considering trying yoga?

I always refer yoga to people that are stressed or have anxiety. It slows your mind down and just lets you focus on the moment. I find that in my own life it helps me be more patient and thankful for what I have and what I can do.

What are some of your hobbies?

I also enjoy running outdoors. Last year I completed my first 100K.

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