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Yogi of the Month - February

I know how nervous she was to come to class solo and I love watching her now connect and welcome new students to classes. It's been an honor to watch you grow Tanner! ~Beth

Read more about Tanner's journey below:

How long have you been doing yoga (what's your yoga journey)?

I started my yoga journey when Beth first opened Be Still Yoga. It was close to my home, and I suggested to my friend that we sign up for yoga together while still in nursing school. After graduation and beginning our careers, our schedules differed greatly, so I decided to start going to classes alone. At first, I was nervous about going into the studio alone with no one I really knew, but my first day at class alone, everyone was so welcoming that soon I was excited about going to yoga alone. I’ve now been going to yoga when my schedule allows, and I have met some wonderful yogis and friends along the way.

What is your favorite class & why? 

My favorite class is Yin, or as we like to call it, sleeping yoga. This class gives me an opportunity to just pause and take time to relax and focus on myself.

What is your favorite yoga pose?

My favorite yoga pose is the reclined deer pose. I usually almost fall asleep during this pose, if that says anything 😊

What keeps you coming back to yoga?

The feeling of a community at Be Still and a commitment to myself to do something I enjoy and something that is good for my body.

What would you tell someone who is considering trying yoga?

It never hurts to try. I love that you get your first class for free because if you’re new to yoga you can start out with one of the more gentle classes to see if you like it and then go on from there. There are also so many different types of classes that Be Still Yoga offers, there really is something that everyone could do.

Share some of your hobbies, your favorite things to do, or something unique about you.

I enjoy the summer months and being outdoors, spending time on the boat and kayaking. I also enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and doggos. I am a registered nurse working at the Family Medicine Clinic in Sparta, and absolutely love everything about it. I love continuing to challenge myself while enjoying every moment of this life that I’ve been given!

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