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Word of 2022: SPACE

Have you ever heard of creating a “word of the year”? Or do you already have a word of the year?

If you aren't familiar with it, essentially you select a word that becomes the focus of your year. Many times this word picks us or it's on our heart that it becomes the focus. For me, my word of 2022 is SPACE.

Interesting right…space?! It was almost balance as I knew venturing into opening this studio would take a lot of balancing between the studio, family, self-care, etc. but then it occurred to me while reading a book that we may never have full balance when our top priorities are competing against each other. For example, if I need to be at the studio to teach, I also can't be home for dinner - no matter what I try to do, this will never be balanced. If I pick teaching over family dinners, then it's not balanced and vice versa. So instead of working to try to balance all of my priorities, the word space came to me. I can create space within my schedule to focus on the important priorities of my life.

This word also reflects the physical studio space. My vision is to create a space for connection, community, to see and love on members, and share the beautiful gift of yoga. If you have joined us for class or stoped to see our studio, I hope you have felt how this space supports you during your journey.

So what word is speaking to you for 2022? I'd love to hear about your word and how it came to be for you.

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