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Two years later..

Looking back on the past two years, it's fun to reflect to see how the foundations of Be Still Yoga was built without me even knowing that a studio was in store for us!

1️⃣ I held my first community yoga class in Sun Prairie, WI. I had just finished my 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training (with my lovely sister). Finally after about 8 years of personally practicing yoga, I was ready and excited to begin sharing yoga with others! I always say you can do yoga anywhere...I've attended and taught yoga classes in traditional studios, outdoors at parks, in homes, airport, Sydney Opera House, in a brewery, and even in a shop! 🤩😮

2️⃣ I LOVE to travel! 🗺️✈️ After completing my Yoga Teacher Training, I took a solo trip to Australia and New Zealand. This was my 6th trip to Australia but first to NZ and can't wait to return to see all the beautiful areas there! During my time in NZ, I started to dream of the future of Be Still Health and Wellness which then became Be Still Yoga.

3️⃣ The name Be Still Yoga came from a bible verse that was put on my heart during the time when I was transition from a steady career to venturing out into the entrepreneurial world. "Be Still and Know that I am the Lord". The season had a lot of uncertainty although looking back at the last two years, I can now see the amazing results of my obedience to follow my calling to share yoga with others. 🙏🏽

Lovely to meet you friends and hope to see you soon!

✌️❤ Beth

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