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July Newsletter

Welcome to July friends! These past few weeks, I’ve personally been reflecting on my passions and understanding what it is that fuels my desire to be part of the health and wellness space. It came to me the other day during a interview that I get really FIRED UP talking about how people can feel and function their best by understanding our body’s functions and having support for them. We need to be the scientists of our own body so that we can live a cleaner and healthier life from the inside-out. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult or boring or cost a lot of money…I’d argue that being sick is costing you a lot of money and if not now, it will later. But unfortunately our society wants the quick fix pill to fix everything and make it easier to feel or look the way we want. We do not need a quick fix pill - we have an amazing body that is designed to heal itself…if we let it! So I wanted to keep this short and it’s getting long winded…😆

I want to empower each individual to understand and explore what makes your body feel good vs not good. I won’t sell you diets or workout plans. I will encourage, coach, and support you to live healthier lives with habits that are both sustainable and focused on fueling the body. For the past 10+ years I’ve partner with Arbonne as their approach empowers families to live a cleaner and healthier life from the inside-out using the highest standards and quality of products. We are kicking off our next Healthy Living Program in July and I’d love to support you on this journey. I’m even more excited for this next group as we just released new products that are absolutely amazing to add to my daily habits.

If this sounds like something you are interested in learning more, please reach out. Also, if you haven’t heard some of my story, come join us inside my Facebook Group: Healthy Living with Beth.

Read all the studio happenings below along with more about what is filling my soul to live a nourishing life. And if you are ready to understand your nourishing life, hit your friend up!!



We love to celebrate achievements of our students together! Sometimes I am honored to see them in person but many times the celebrations are victories that may not be easily seen or noticed.

Recently, a few students shared that maintaining a regular yoga practice has immensely help their stress levels and to be a more present person at home and work. Another student shared their success with understanding their body and habits that were impacting them with pain, inflammation, and discomfort. Lastly another student increased weights and noticed an improvement in their stamina during classes.

Thank you for sharing these stories with me. It reminds me how blessed I am that God has gifted me with the talents to teach and coach others to improve their lifespan. If you have a story or testimonial to share, I’d love to hear it. Or if you’d be so kind to share your story/experience on a Google or Facebook review, we’d appreciate that too. These little connections help our small business continue to survive and thrive!! 🙌

PS - it’s our 18th month birthday in July which is another milestone success as you always here the stats of business failing within the first 18 months…well we are still here!! Thank you so much for supporting our small town yoga studio dream!


We have a several more BEER & Yoga events in Sparta at BEER Shop for you to join us at. Find more on our Facebook events.

Saturday, July 29th | Saturday, August 19th | Saturday, September 9th

Come join us during Bangor Fun Daze for a Free family friendly yoga class on Saturday, August 12th at 10 am. Feel free to sign up ahead of time (to sign waivers online) or drop in on the day. Invite your friends to our Facebook event as we greatly appreciate our local community supporting our small business!

We are partnering with the John Bosshard Memorial Library in Bangor to offer two Free yoga classes on the library lawn. Please bring a mat or towel to practice on and we will move indoors if weather is not suitable for outdoors. Register online:


How many times do you chew your food before swallowing?

Seriously if you’ve never counted, give it a try. Is it 5 to 10 chews? or do you really break down that food with 20+ chews….

You’d be surprised to know that we are supposed to chew our food around 20 to 30 times depending on the type of food. We all know what chewing does to our food but during the chewing process is when our body signals to the stomach to start producing digestive enzymes which will help the break down process further. Chewing our food fully can help prevent digestive discomfort, bloating, and improve overall digestion. Also eating slowly and chewing mindfully can enhance your enjoyment of your meal and promote a sense of satiety.

So give it a try. Take a moment to visually notice the food you are about to eat, then when you put it in your mouth notice the first taste or textures. Chew multiple times depending on what it is and notice what else your body and mind is aware of. Then slowly swallow and all it to move to digestion. Our bodies are absolutely amazing at what it does for us but sometimes we get in the way of stopping it from working correctly or adequately. This entire process is called mindful or intuitive eating and after practicing you may notice how you eat or look at other foods differently too. If you decided to give this a try, let me know how it goes!

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