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Updated: Dec 28, 2021


False Evidence Appearing Real

For Everything A Reason

Feeling Excited And Ready

Face it, Embrace it, And Replace it

Regardless of the acronym you use for fear, we generally think of fear as either an unpleasant emotion or the action of being afraid caused by something or someone that is believed to be dangerous or cause pain. Take this down a notch to not assume the worst danger or threat to you but more of the types of fears that we have in our daily lives. Fear of saying something. Fear of asking a member to sign up. Fear to post a vulnerable share on social media. Fear of having a difficult conversation with someone you care about. Fear of stepping into the unknown. Fear to trust your gut.

Fear is self-centered. We feel it when we are thinking of ourselves. But when your mission is to serve others, fear has no place. Being focused on service, releases our insecurities and allows us to always be our best. So, take each one of those examples above; if your mission is to serve others then your fear is self-centered and focused on you, not those you are serving. Looking at the way our heart is postured to meet people on their journeys where they are at and provide what they need, it should never be about us. When it becomes about us, fear creeps in.

Remember there is no fear when the mission to serve is clear! My mission is to serve and see all of you. Goodbye Fear! How can I serve you friends!?

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